Wednesday, 16 June 2010

What UK Hip Hop Has Become: BBC 1Xtra

A New Sound and A New Beginning?

With Grime music being UK's next hip hop genre, it does not seem hard to know a new sound and look as emerged. Grime is taking over the hip hop industry in the UK. However, through many migrations and influences of other cultures; such as, the West Indies movement, Scotland breakdancing and djing movement, and last, but not least, its mass movement of genres, Reggae, UK Garage, and Triphop has all emerged overtime by diversifying the culture, style, dance, entertainment, video, radio, and Internet of UK's hip hop. Over the years, UK hip hop has gained so much attention, the BBC has assembled a radio, video and Internet network program. With BBC 1Xtra network, hip hop fans across the world are allowed to view the latest amount of news, information and speech content found within UK's Grime, Garage, Drum and Bass, Dancehall, reggae, gospel music, bhangra and R&B music. Lastly, as UK hip hop continue to rise in listenership and gain mass appeal across the world, it goes to show that hip hop is making a change not only in the UK, but the US as well.

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