Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Caribbean Migration: Reggae Hip Hop Takeover

Caribbean migration began in 1948; when The Empire Windrush (a ship that is an important part of multiracialism in the United Kingdom)carried almost 500 passengers from Jamaica, including Lord Kitchener, a calypso singer from Trinidad.(13)

A local newsreel company filmed him singing "London Is The Place For Me" as he got off the ship. In 2002, the song was finally released in Britain.
Here is the entire song "London is a Place for Me" by Lord Kitchener.

Over the years, Trinidad Calypso had an enormous role at Oxford and Cambridge debutante parties. People were overwhelmed by the influx of Trinidad Calypso style of music. Not knowing the possibilities of what lies ahead, Trinidad Calypso was a start of a major Reggae movement,which took its place inside the UK hip hop scene.

Reggae has evolved into several subgenres and fusions. Since the early 1990s, several Italian reggae bands have emerged, including Sud Sound System, Pitura Freska, Almamegretta and B.R. Stylers. In Sweden, Uppsala Reggae Festival attracts attendees from across Northern Europe, and features Swedish reggae bands such as Rootvälta and Svenska Akademien.
Although, in Germany, The first homegrown Polish reggae bands started in the 1980s. German reggae artist Gentleman rose to popularity with his album Confidence in 2004. Summerjam, Europe's biggest reggae festival, takes place in Cologne, Germany.(1)

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