Thursday, 24 June 2010

Scottish Hip Hop:The mirgration of Breakdancing and Djing

Around 1980 when hip hop was discovered, Hip-hop and electro music reached Scotland. From the inception of Hip hop culture in Scotland, break dancing has been popular.
Scotland has had a number of strong breaking crews over the years, such as Glasgow Boyz Breakers, Lazer City Crew(LCC), Ayrshire, Skywalkers, Floor Freaks, White City Breakers and The Clan.

Breakdancing was not only the major hip hop influence that stepped foot on the grounds of Scotland, but Djing was also a major unique hip hop feature as well. DJ Sonny from Edinburgh, Aberdeen's playing far and wide overseas solo and as part of the Big Dada roster, DJ Plus One (ex-world DMC champ), Richie Rufftone (Scratch), DJ Krash Slaughta (II Tone Committee, Monkey Mafia), DJ Bunty and others.(1)

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