Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Beginning: The Milestone of British Hip Hop

British Hip Hop was original influenced by the New York Hip Hop scene. British rappers adopted to American accents in the early years. According to New York Times reporter, Angus Batey, he stated,
"UK rap is a broad sonic church, encompassing anything made in Britain by musicians informed or inspired by hip-hop possibilities, whose music is a response to the same stimuli that gave birth to rap in New York in the mid seventies.(1)"

However, the true major milestone hit the U.K. Hip Hop movement when a guy by the name of Simon Harris discovered the first hip hop label called Music of Life Records.

When Music of Life Records started to rise in the hip hop industry, it was with the help of the UK iconic rapper, Derek B, who sold millions of albums for the record label, making him the first UK rapper to achieve chart success.(2)

One of Derek B's successful songs were Good Groove and Bad Young Brother from his debut album called "Bullet From A Gun. The London-born rapper scored top 20 hits with Goodgrove and Bad Young Brother in 1988. (3) "
Here is a sneak video peak of one of his videos Bad Young Brother.

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