Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Asian Migration and UK Bhangra hip hop

As Asians continued to feel left out of British Hip Hop Scene, Asian began to gain their identity in Britain by Bhangra music emerging as Asian music in the U.K. Bhangra music is formed for Punjab style of dancing. However,no matter if they are Gujuratis or Punjabis, Bhangra is Asian music for Asians.(9)

This is a video mix of Bhangra music at its best.

Usmaan and Sona Family was thought to be one of the best Asian rappers and Asian group in the UK. They are a British Pakistani hip hop group, who hails from the North-West of London, England. They have been said to sound "like the Black Eyed Peas infused with traditional Indian bhangra music. They combine urban music, hip hop, R&B and dancehall with their own upbringing as UK Desis. Headed by producer/writer Harry Sona, Sona Family consists of rapper/singer/producer Mr Riz, female singer/rapper Kazz & DJ/producer JC.(10) Referring back to the UK Desis upbringing, Sona family was known to be under the influences of the culture, products, and people of Indie.(11)

Influenced by American hip hop artist, J-KWON; they remade his hit "Tipsy" into their own bhangarian genre of music called "More Glassy." According to BBC reviewer, Louis Patterson stated,
The track here that’s surely set for bigger things, meanwhile, is "More Glassy". A sort of Desi-influenced take on J-Kwon’s Southern hip-hop hit "Tipsy", it’s an irrepressible club number that’ll have clubs draining their bottles just to throw their hands in the air. Altogether now: 'If you’re drunk and getting tipsy/Grab yourself another whisky.(12)

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