Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Music of Life Records Outbreak

Simon Harris did not stop there with his record label. He set out to find many other hip hop artists that became a huge success as well. Although Derek B was the first U.K. rapper founded by the record label, Music of Life went on to discover and sign legendary British hip hop groups, such as Hijack,the Demon Boyz, Son of Noise, and MC Duke. These U.K. rap groups became essential listening stardom for the discerning British hip hop fans, mixing homegrown talent like Thrashpack and the She Rockers with intentions of getting US artists such as Professor Griff's attention. Music of Life laid the foundations for other UK hip hop record labels to be founded, such as Mango Records and Kold Sweat.(2)

As mentioned above, other than Derek B shining the light to guide all U.K. rappers to the hip hop scene, it was MC Duke, who brought the underground rapping freestyles above ground to the U.K. Here is MC Duke with one of his singles,"I'm Riffin" which appeared in several C90s dance hits averaging in 237 recordings in 2001.(4)

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  1. Hi! Thanks for spending your time on this blog. Am Belgian and, back in the days, was a huge fan of uk hip hop. Saw Hijack live (opening for Ice T in Brussels) and was mad for London Posse. One of my fav albums was Ruthless Rap Assassin. Then I discovered the label Shut up and dance with the Raga Twins... Great time, great fun, brilliant sound.