Thursday, 17 June 2010

Next Generation: Grime Hip Hop

The Future of British Hip Hop
According to researchers, new generation artists emerged following the turn of the century, including Foreign Beggars and Jehst.

These British hip hop artists are headed in new directions. Being influenced by hip hop and a mix of UK Garage, a new genre of music has emerged called Grime Music. Notable artists that used grimed music were Dizzee Rascal, J-Dawg, Wiley, Lady Sovereign and Kano.(2) Grime is a genre of urban music that first emerged in Bow,East London, England in the early 2000s primarily a development of UK garage, dancehall, and hip hop. As of November 2005, the music industry as defined grime music to be the next genre of hip hop for the U.K. Leading in 2010, North America is curious to what makes U.K. Grime hip hop different from America hip hop?

"Grime is an underground curiosity in North America, but remains a foreign language to this continent’s mainstream. And that might never change: grime is faster than hip hop, darker than pop and nowhere close to rock."

Matthew McKinnon
CBC Reviewer
According ton CBC (Canadian Broadcast Centre) reports, Dizzee Rascal also known as Dylan Mills, is from East London’s Bow estates. He has managed a ripple of retail attention with Grime fans around the Atlantic. The release of Dizzee’s debut album, "Boy In Da Corner", a brilliant, brutal battle cry that went on to win Britain’s 2003 Mercury Prize (for album of the year.)(20)
Dizzy Rascal is said to be a leader in the Grime Hip Hop genre, which would pave the way for new Grime music producing artists. Here is one well-known Grime artists name Lady Sovereign with "Love Me Or Hate Me."
"Love Me or Hate Me" is the sixth single from UK hip-hop artist Lady Sovereign and the fourth from her debut album Public Warning. The song became the first song by a British rap artist to ever reach #1 on MTV's TRL, as well as being heard in a TV spot for Verizon Wireless.(21)

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